What do our audiences say?

Thank you for bringing the beautiful music of the Golden Tones to the Weston Council of Aging last week. The Weston seniors and the COA staff truly enjoyed the lovely holiday songs. Thank you for brightening our week...
        Eileen Bogle, Director
        Weston Council on Aging
        December 6, 2005

Once again you provided us with a most entertaining and enjoyable afternoon. It is such a pleasure to have the group here. Everyone had a great time. What a wonderful way to start off the holiday season. Thank you.
        Ruth Gately, Director
        Waltham Council on Aging
        November 22, 2005

From Cathy Radmer of the Wayland Elementary Schools PTO (2005): Thank you once again for your performance at Barnes and Noble...Your vocal talents and unbridled enthusiasm contributed greatly to the success of the event and delighted all who were fortunate enough to be in the audience.

From Mary Shea of The Carlyle House of Framingham (2005): Thanks to all for the wonderful Valentine's Day Show. The residents as well as staff and family members truly enjoyed all the talent and energy in your program. From the Reverend Margie King Saphier: Thank you ! Thank you! Thank you! For bringing joy and the Spirit to my Installation Service (April 3, 2005 at United First Parish of Quincy). Everyone is still talking about how wonderful the Golden Tones were. You have a wonderful ministry of freeing the spirit that is in each one of us through music.

From Janet Sullivan, secretary of The Middlesex Chapter of Retired Teachers: "We thoroughly enjoyed the Golden Nuggets performance. We especially enjoyed the humor and loveliness you gave to our Spring meeting."

From Barbara T. Keefe, president of The Arlington Catholic Women's Club (1998): "Thank you all so very much for a wonderful evening of entertainment. You brought much pleasure to all of our members, as together we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. It was a delight listing to the sound of your many beautiful combined voices. We are grateful."

From Nancy Bell, Weston: "Just had to tell you again how much we appreciated the effort you and your group made to come and do a second concert in one day — and be so cheerful about it. Wish you could have heard all the enthusiastic feedback we got. Your jolly spirits made everyone feel good. One old-timer said 'I've been here 15 years and we've never had such a good Christmas party.'"

From Mary Antes, Board of Selectman of Wayland: "A long overdue thank you for your wonderful contribution toward making Community Day a great success. Your dedication and enthusiasm shine through the music and bring so much enjoyment to all your listeners. For many who had not heard the group before, it was both a surprise and a treat! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

"Thank you so much for entertaining us with your wonderful talents. You brought much happiness to everyone! It was quite a treat and much appreciated."

"The Golden Tones received rave reviews helping us to get into the holiday spirit."

"The program of Christmas music was beautiful. The soloists were excellent, as well as the pianist. Everyone was delighted with the presentations and the sing-along. It made for a very festive occassion!"

"Thank you for the lovely performance you gave. All your talents are very special to our residents."

"Your visits to Bethany are thoroughly enjoyed by our residents. You are poised, professional and establish a wonderful rapport with the audience."

From Eila J. Makey of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sudbury’s senior fellowship: “What a happy, uplifting program you performed for the seniors on December 9th (2003). I think most left the room with a song in their heart! All your members are so talented, their enthusiasm is contagious and the seniors love it.”

From Elaine Carroll, secretary of the Newton Upper Falls Seniors (2003): “Doing what the Golden Tones all do to keep themselves vital and vibrant also helps to keep the others the same too! We so enjoyed having the group entertain us and socialize after the show. What a lovely group of people.”

From the Weston Senior Citizens Club (2003): “Thank you so much for your delightful and entertaining program at our senior meeting…Some of us have heard the Golden Tones before and are amazed at the professionalism and rapport with the audience. The songs bring back many memories. Thanks again.”

From Judy Gardner Ainley, Administrative Director of the Colleges of Worcester Consortium (1999):
Thanks to you and the Wayland Golden Tones for your wonderful, uplifting performance at the CGSP’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, “Singing Across the Ages” at Assumption College. I truly enjoyed every aspect of the program—from the enthusiasm and musicality of your choir to the many generations represented in the audience, from the sing-alongs to the joyful participation of all—young and old, from the beautiful voices of your soloists to the antics of your special actors, and finally, to the joining together of voices—the Assumption College Chorale and the Golden Tones—in a beautiful intergenerational choir. I would like to congratulate all of you for your professionalism, high musical standards and the sheer joy that you bring and you share with your audience.

From community members Chester and Diane Black(2000): “Just a short note to thank you for enriching our experience at the Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service….The Golden Tones participation this year was an extraordinary treat! The group’s story, your beautiful music and your sheer presence filled the room with joy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

From the former co-director of the Wayland Council on Aging, Karen Marciante: “The joy you bring to all your audiences whether it’s the Holiday Season or not is truly ‘The Gift’”.

From Thomas Upham House (1995): “My residents are still talking about the …Golden Tones!”

From the New Horizons Staff and Residents: “Your music was wonderful and your talents inspiring. Thanks so much for the entertainment and memories they brought. We look forward to seeing you again.”

From the staff of Brookhaven of Lexington: “We so enjoyed your wonderful music and fun! Great sense of humor!”

On the occasion of Parmenter Health Center’s Fortieth Anniversary: “For many of us who had not heard the group before—it was a surprise and a treat! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The Golden Tones is a lively, talented and up beat group.”

From the Wayland High School Fundraising Committee: “You were wonderful and a real surprise to the audience. I’m not sure they knew who the Golden Tones were, but they do now! You were the perfect opening number and started the evening off to a perfect performance.”

From a patient of Kathryn Barton Nursing Home (1989): “You know why we enjoyed them so…it was because they enjoyed what they were doing! Please come again!”

What do our members say?

From Mary:
Just wanting you to know how much I love being a part of the Golden Tones...for providing so many opportunities for us — the joy of singing for others; the sense of community we have through working together and enjoying each other's company; and the privilege of working with so many wonderfully talented and dedicated people... Have so much enjoyed sharing in the worship services at the Synagogue and the Islamic Center, singing at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution (Framingham Women's Prison), and the intergenerational events — experiences I would never have had otherwise, had I not been part of the Golden Tones, and experiences which keep us young at heart and constantly changing and growing.

From Evelyn Smith: "My husband of forty-nine years died. I was lost and depressed. The Golden Tones filled my life with happiness. I was now too busy to feel old and depressed."

From Dick Williams: "Arthritis caused me to give up golf and tennis - a very important part of my life for 50 years. The Golden Tones, with the companionship of friends enthusiastically sharing a common interest, went a long way toward replacing that which was lost!"

From Edith Homefield: "The Golden Tones gives me a purpose in life. Learning new songs has improved my mind and memory. Performing has improved my posture, health, and appearance. Making others happy makes me happy."

From Shirley Pollitt: "When my husband died, the Golden Tones members surrounded me with love and care. They gave me a sense of family that is immeasurable. The joy of singing and bringing music to others is an outreach which gladdens my heart and spirit."

From Mary Hanlon: "I was an early member of the Golden Tones and was enjoying myself thoroughly, when I suddenly had a serious automobile accident. I was in the hospital and therapy for over a year. I couldn't wait to be released and rejoin the Golden Tones."

From Jack and Shirlie Bernard from their new home in Florida (2004): “We love it here! But we still miss you!”

From Anthony DeCenzo: “Singing has been an inspiration, a source of great satisfaction, happiness, joy and good health.”

From Bob Curtis (2002): “Sometimes just for an instant, I indulge in the thought that we’re good.

From our members' families

From Dick Bolster’s daughter: “Your organization has brought so much joy to my Dad. As much as I heard him singing and whistling around the house when I was growing up—it’s hard to believe he never sang in any group since…high school? Junior high? Thank you for bringing the joy of singing and performing back into his life.”

From Grace Cuddy’s daughter: “My family and I want to thank you for all the cards you have sent my mother over the last six months and for ‘singing your hearts out’ at the Memorial Service…My mother…loved to sing, until she had problems with her throat, but enjoyed all the friends she made in this group.”

From Carl Winkel’s daughter: "My father loves being part of the Golden Tones. Thank you for being there.”

From the family of Winifred Frye (1999): “We were so pleased to see so many members of the Golden Tones come by to say Good-bye to our dear mother. The time she spent with… the Golden Tones was a treasured memory. I’m sure she is in heaven singing away with the other angels by now.”

From Dick Best’s wife: “Thank you for all your patience and understanding which allowed Dick to continue to do what he loved most—right up to the end. Thank you all for the years of care and concern, for the rides to and from, for the open door, the offered chair, the smile, the watching lest he fall, all the things you did.”

From The Community

From Allen Barker: The Nuggets program for Arts Wayland annual meeting was delightful. Very generous of all to contribute so wholeheartedly.

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